New Orleans Aerial Photography & Video With Drones

WebAtude’s New Orleans Aerial Photography & Video is a one-stop-shop for all of your custom aerial photographer and videographer needs. When only a bird’s eye view will make your concept fly, we are the ones to call. Contact us today!

When you need that perfect picture from above, WebAtude’s New Orleans Aerial Photo & Video is the answer.
We Exceed Your Highest Expectations!

The main advantage to our low altitude aerial drone photography is the ability for our clients to be on location with us during the photo shoot. They can watch our live in real time on our monitor and give us instant direction on the shot they are looking for exactly! No more describing the shot you want to the photographer and hoping they come back with the photo you need!

There are 10 million and 1 uses for aerial photography and video. With that said I will keep this information to a minimum and if you need more information than what is provided on this page then please go to our Contact Us page and either fill out our contact form or call, text or email us.

I will start by listing the services we get the most calls on:

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Architectural Firms
  • Attorneys
  • Banks & Finance Companies
  • Before & After Documentation
  • Commercial Property Brokers
  • Construction companies
  • Construction Progress
  • Contractors
  • Engineering Firms
  • Exterior Architectural
  • Golf Courses
  • Government Agencies
  • Interior Architectural
  • Law Firms
  • Municipalities
  • National Corporations
  • Parades
  • Property Owners
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Realtors
  • Residential
  • Roofing Companies
  • School Sports & Events
  • Schools
  • Tow Truck Company Videos

There are times when typical photos just will not do the trick. Either the subject is too large or the right perspective can’t be obtained from ground level. With aerial photography there really is not a better type of photograph that will make people stop and take notice! An aerial photo takes something that you might see every day and turns it into something unique.

This is where WebAtude’s New Orleans Aerial Photography & Video come in. We take your ideas and raise them to new heights. Whether it’s to document construction, create a site plan for a real estate development or capture an event, we can provide aerial images and video that get the job done just as you have imagined them.

Our pilots and photographers are experienced in the art of aerial photography and enjoy tackling even the most complex flight challenges. With state-of-the-art equipment and a world-class post-production digital imaging studio, we’re able to deliver quality images and video that precisely meet your specifications.

Most aerial photography shots usually are photos from 4 directions (north, south, east, west) and a vertical. WebAtude’s drone photography services are based in New Orleans but service the surrounding Southern Louisiana areas but keep in mind we will travel for the right jobs! We can produced aerial photographs for advertising, marketing, editorial, fine art, documentation, litigation and whatever else you think you could use the pictures and videos for. Our drones take pictures at such high quality that you can print images well over 6 feet wide and high. Our video is 1080p HD quality as well.

We can do oblique aerial photographs taken at an angle to the horizon as well as vertical aerials that look straight down and capture the subject from directly overhead. We can shoot at any time of day or night to get just the right lighting.

WebAtude’s aerial photos are useful for numerous applications including:

  • Architectural, construction planning, site development and construction progress – aerial time-lapse photography scheduled on a monthly basis or photo shoots scheduled at milestones
  • Site location, site surveys, geographical and vertical photography maps
  • Real estate marketing – retail/shopping centers, apartment complexes, condominiums, resorts, single family homes, etc…
  • Transportation – vehicles, boats, ships, aircrafts, etc…
  • Special events
  • Advertising and editorial articles – for magazines, newspapers, TV news, etc…
  • Public works, government planning, reports and studies
  • Industrial, maritime and other corporate needs
  • Legal matters – accident scenes and evidence
  • Motion pictures
  • Stock photography

Versatile and resourceful. That’s how our clients describe us. At WebAtude’s New Orleans Aerial Photo we see every shoot as a unique challenge, a problem in search of the best possible solution. Give us an understanding of how your photos will be used, and we’ll recommend an approach.

Among the types of aerial pictures we can produce are:

  • Traditional straight down aerials – provides overview of the land, roads, etc…
  • Angle shots – useful for design of buildings and distant objects such as cities and water views
  • Close-ups – shows excellent detail of buildings or small parcels of land
  • Distant and large areas – can reveal features as far as 15 to 20 miles from the main site
  • Objects in motion – use for boats, cruise and cargo ships, aircrafts, etc…

No matter the type of picture or application, WebAtude’s New Orleans Aerial Photo & Video will deliver crisp, quality images that meet your objectives. Good ideas, great execution. That’s how we fly. Contact us today to discuss your aerial photography and/or video project(s).

WebAtude brings the same attention and expertise to our architectural photography services that our clients have come to expect from our aerials.

Quality: We never sacrifice quality, thus we carefully plan each interior or exterior photo session to capture your site at its best. Often, we photograph exteriors early in the morning or late in the evening to take advantage of the soft warm sunlight.

Details: When shooting interiors and exteriors, we recommend thoroughly cleaning your site prior to the session. However, during your photo session, we’ll take care to move or rearrange distracting elements to ensure the highest quality image.

Equipped: We use a full line of professional cameras, lenses, lighting, and software to photograph your site and process your images effectively and efficiently. Post production includes color correction, removal of distracting items, correcting lens distortion, and much more.

Versatility: WebAtude provides ground photography for many industries including:

  • Home Renovation
  • Commercial and Residential Landscaping
  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate
  • Office Buildings
  • Insurance Companies
  • Airports
  • Libraries

Confidence: We work hard to build lasting relationships with our customers so that they’ll know we will provide exactly what they need when they need it. We spend time getting to know each of our clients so that we’ll know what they expect in their images.

Dependability: WebAtude’s clients routinely depend on our services for fast, professional, and reliable aerial imagery to help them keep their projects on target.

Flexibility: We customize our flight plan to meet your needs and can provide aerial coverage bi-weekly, monthly, before and after, or on your specific schedule.

The Aerial Advantage: There’s no better way to oversee your project than with up-to-date aerial photography. Aerial photos provide third party documentation that can be forwarded to owners, investors, lenders, architects, engineers, and city officials for use in:

  • Marketing: Demonstrate your capabilities to your investors & clients. Great for reports & presentations.
  • Planning: From site selection to design development, aerial overviews save time and money.
  • Protection: Resolve disputes & identify safety, environmental, and quality issues before they become a larger and more costly problem.
  • Appreciation: Perfect for client gifts & showrooms.


Custom Aerials
Explore: WebAtude’s custom aerial photographs allow you to explore your world from the air, up close and personal. Aerial images are one of the best ways to make folks stop and take notice. No matter if it’s a new marketing campaign or the perfect Christmas gift, an aerial photo will take something you see everyday and make it special!


Need a few ideas:

  • Family History: Aerials are a great way to document & remember your home, ranch, or property investment.
  • Traffic Flow: Need to know what traffic at your business looks like at a certain time of day? We can help!
  • Accident/Legal: Current aerial images of an accident scene can help with legal disputes.
  • Hunting lease: Map out your stands and trails or promote your hunting guide service.
  • Gifts: Know someone who “has everything?” Or need a perfect “Thank You” gift for a great client?
  • Marketing: An aerial image of your business will give your company a professional edge over your competition.


Bottomline: WebAtude delivers the quality and service that you need to make your business run smoother and your marketing more effective. There are many options! Just give us a call and we’ll discuss your ideas and see if we can help you put together a custom aerial photo and/or video that folks will love to look at and will be around for many years.

Construction progress aerials are a series of images that track the building process from clearing the land, to laying the foundation, to the completion of the project.

What about bad weather?
Weather is a factor, we do not like to shoot photos on overcast days. Dull light means dull photos. It also goes without saying that I don’t photograph when it’s raining or snowing. I like sunny days or at least partly sunny days. Winds usually aren’t a problem unless it’s blowing over 25mph and gusty, on those days I generally lay up and do some computer work and wait for the winds to calm. I’m pretty good at watching the weather forecast and won’t schedule something on a bad day.


Aerial Photographer and Videographer Packages / Prices

1 Drone - Photography

  • 1 Hour Flight Time
  • Picture Editing
  • Picture Slideshow Video
  • All Media On CD / DVD
  • No Company Branding
  • No Copyrights – Fully Released

2 Drones - Photography

  • 1/2 Hour Flight Time Each Drone
  • Picture Editing
  • Picture Slideshow Video
  • All Media On CD / DVD
  • No Company Branding
  • No Copyrights – Fully Released

1 Drone - Videography

  • 1 Hour Flight Time
  • Video Editing
  • Picture Editing
  • Picture & Video Slideshow Video
  • All Media On CD / DVD
  • No Company Branding
  • No Copyrights – Fully Released

2 Drones - Videography

  • 1/2 Hour Flight Time Each Drone
  • Video Editing
  • Picture Editing
  • Picture & Video Slideshow Video
  • All Media On CD / DVD
  • No Company Branding
  • No Copyrights – Fully Released

* – (We may charge a travel fee as well depending on the distance to the location.)

* – (Prices may vary with weather conditions, obstacles and difficulty of flight.)

* – (Video and Picture editing for prices above are only basic edits.)


Some of the benefits of using WebAtude’s Aerial Photographer & Videographer Services

  • Top Quality Images & Video
  • Top Of The Line Equipment
  • High Resolution Images For Printing
  • Smaller Images For Share Through Social Media Or Email
  • Props & Backdrop Available For Photo Fun Shoot
  • Video Slideshow On Youtube To Share
  • CD or DVD With All Your Pictures & Videos Included
  • Professional Photographers
  • Professional Videographers
  • Professional Picture Editing
  • Super Vibrant Colors
  • No Dark Shadowed Pictures
  • Very Fast Delivery Of Edited Pictures
  • Do whatever you want with YOUR Pictures & Videos


WebAtude’s Brief Demo Portfolio

WebAtude’s Aerial Photography Picture Slideshow For An Architect Firm Out Of New York – ARO.NET

WebAtude’s Aerial Video Demo (just playing around when these were taken)