A little while ago I noticed one of my servers running a little slow and that is not normal considering the size and speed of our servers. This worried me so I looked into the issue and saw that someone/something was trying to Brute Force hack my server and websites so I quickly added a second login layer on every website and also blocked the IP address doing the attacking and this returned the speed back to my server within minutes. A brute force attack is a script that can run for days on your server or website trying passwords and user names to login and take over your websites. What this also does is depending on your server it will crash your server and take down your network at the very least and cause you some serious headaches from recovering the site and blocking the hackers and changing all your logins and passwords to every single website. I just wanted to let you know a little about brute force attacks and how they can negatively affect you if you do not have any security measures put in place to prevent the attacks.


Have you ever been hacked before?

If so can you please leave a comment and tell us a little about what happened and how you resolved the issue(s)?